Argireline is a Great Alternative to Botox Treatments

Argireline is the brand name for the peptide Acetyl Hexapeptide-3/8, which is also a protein derivative. Peptides are little pieces of proteins, which are the major building blocks of tissue. The component acetyl hexapeptide-3 is a chain of six amino acids hooked to acetic acid residue.

This product was created and patented by Lipotec, a cosmetics company in Barcelona, Spain as a treatment to get rid of wrinkles. Since it was created, various other cosmetics companies are now using Argireline in their beauty products for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment and can be found in products such as creams and serums.

Benefits of Argireline

Argireline was developed to be a compound that inhibits the muscle’s SNAP receptor complex, which is what causes wrinkles to form in the human body. In other words, Argireline relaxes the muscle tissue in order to smooth out wrinkles.

Argireline Alternative to BotoxFor this reason, it is said to be a great alternative to Botox treatments. Tests have determined that a concentration of five to 10 percent of Argireline is the most effective in getting rid of wrinkles. While Botox is extremely efficient in reducing wrinkles, it is costly, and must be applied by a doctor.

A research study by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2002 with Argireline showed that wrinkles were reduced by up to 30 percent after the subjects used the product for a month.

Unlike Botox, it is non-evasive and you don’t have to use needles to apply it, so is a good alternative to surgery. You merely have to apply it to the skin until the wrinkles are gone or reduced.

It also doesn’t have the same toxic problems that can occur with Botox injections into the skin.

Argireline helps to preserve the skin’s elastin and collagen. These break down as a person gets older. When that happens, it causes the skin to not be as elastic or smooth. That is when a person is more susceptible to getting fine lines or wrinkles.

Possible Problems With Argireline

With all of its good uses, there still may be issues with Argireline. These include that the effects of long term usage is not known since it is a relatively new product, and that not all products containing it have optimal concentration of it. The use of it is also unregulated at this time, so third party manufacturers can use it as they see fit.

However, only topical usage has been tested. Plus, the effects of reducing or eliminating wrinkles and other aging skin problems are only Argirelinetemporary when using Argireline and in order to keep the wrinkles from coming back, you must keep on applying it.

Pregnant women and nursing women are advised to not use Argireline.

Commercial Products Containing Argireline

Serutox – Serutox is a commercial skin care product that uses Argireline and is made by Realm 7 International Inc. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which has the properties of being able to stimulate the reproduction of the body’s cells; as well as seaweed extract, which is a detoxifying product; distilled water, and moisturizing ingredients glycerin and sodium PCA.

Avotone – Avotone is a blend of Argireline, avocado oil, lecithin, potassium and chlorophyll.

There are several other commercial products that contain various levels and concentrations of Argireline. You should be sure to read the labels to make sure it has at least five to 10 percent of it in the product for best results.

The main point is that Argireline is a very promising, non-evasive treatment of wrinkles, fine lines and other aging skin problems that may be as good as Botox, but less toxic. If you are considering using Argireline you should talk to your doctor or a dermatologist for answers to your questions and to see if it can help your situation.